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CRT Energy Saver 1.0.0

CRT Energy Saver 1.0.0: Save energy on CRT (not LCD) monitors by blacking out unused areas of the screen monitor to hibernate or go to standby after periods of inactivity. You should still use these products if possible in addition to CRT Energy Saver. CRT Energy Saver simply saves a little more energy while the monitor is in use, and during the period before your monitor goes into standby. (Maximum energy savings occur when all programs are minimized.) Also please note that replacing your CRT monitor with an energy efficient LCD monitor would still

WatchOverEnergy 1.1: Manage stand-by mode change, track energy saving when monitor is stand-by
WatchOverEnergy 1.1

monitor off, WatchOverEnergy will run a 60 seconds screensaver that will warn you about stand-by mode. Another important feature is that WatchOverEnergy software shows your energy saving details. It will track energy saving in watt-hours and will calculate your energy saving in dollars. With WatchOverEnergy, you can reduce your monitor`s energy costs by at least 20%. Make energy savings a daily part of your life and don`t let energy savings meddle

stand by monitor, track energy costs, save energy

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EZ Wizard 3.0

EZ Wizard provides a simple point and click interface to enable monitor power management on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP systems saving up to $50 / yr in energy costs. It was developed by the DOE/EPA under the Energy Star Monitor Power Management program to promote increased use of PC monitor energy saving features. If issues arise after enabling monitor power management EZ Wizard can be used to reset to the original configuration.

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Energy Lens - Energy Management Software 1.6.4: Helps businesses to save energy by discovering waste and improving efficiency.
Energy Lens - Energy Management Software 1.6.4

Energy Lens helps you to analyze your energy data to find energy waste and to track changes in energy performance. Such regular energy monitoring can lead to significant energy savings. Energy Lens works with the high-resolution interval energy data that`s readily available to large buildings, and increasingly available to smaller ones. It`s an effective energy-management solution for businesses, and a powerful tool for energy consultants.

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PC Power Partner 1.2: Save the earth and your money with this free computer energy manager tool.
PC Power Partner 1.2

Now you can conserve energy and save money by using this tool to manage your computer’s energy usage.With PC Power Partner, you can schedule times for your computer to shut down, hibernate,or go into standby mode. Stop wasting energy by leaving your computer on all the time.Instead,create schedules that work around your time on the computer – set it to hibernate during your lunch each day or shut down after your virus scan runs each night.

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AllOff 6.5: AllOff shuts down a computer if the computer activity is less than specified
AllOff 6.5

energy saving project to save energy and money by reducing electricity, heating oil and water use. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, comes complete with html help and is simple to install and use. JSutils is the home of a small collection of software associated with energy saving and energy saving calculation. Products include a range of computer shutdown utilities plus a calculators for electricity, gas, oil and water

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IsItUp Network Monitor 7.61: IsItUp network monitor for servers, ports, websites, email w/ alerts & graphs
IsItUp Network Monitor 7.61

IsItUp Network Monitor allows companies of all sizes to monitor critical applications and infrastructure. A wide variety of monitor types are included such as a Ping Monitor, Web site Monitor, Tcp/Ip Port Monitor, Windows Service Monitor,Disk Free space Monitor and an e-mail System Monitor. IsItUp continuously monitors multiple IP devices, Web sites, e-mail systems, windows services and alerts you by pager, e-mail, or execution of a user defined

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